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PCAHA Referee Information


New Officials only should enter their first and last names on any game sheets they do
until they have a BCH/PCAHA HCOP referee number assigned to them.
Officials with the assigning program should update their calendars regularly.

PCAHA Active Games Bantam A and above only
 (includes Fraser Valley East Bantam C)

Bantam C President League Games
are assigned by New Westminster MHA
PCAH Active Assignr Zone Officials 2017-2018
Active Officials 2017-2018 PCAHA Ref Numbers
Active Officials 2016-2017 PCAHA Ref Numbers
PCAHA List of Assignors Bantam A and above
 (includes Bantam C FVE)
PCAHA Referee Grading Levels
PCAHA Associations On Assignr Referee System
PCAHA No Show Report Form
Bantam A and Above teams only
PCAHA New Assigning System Info New
Did you Card At a Clinic Outside of the Lower Mainland Clinic? Note
  Officials Carding at out of District Ref Clinics
Referee / Linesmen Allowances
Responsibility for Sending in Scoresheets
Referee Write Ups - Game Report Procedure (who to send write-ups to)
BC Hockey OnLine Form Referee Write Ups - Game Incident Report
BC Hockey OnLine Form Referee Write Ups - DEMO Video File
 Officials Injury Report If an official is injured while officiating a sanctioned (PCAHA/BC Hockey) game, the Hockey Canada Injury Report form should be completed and sent to the BC Hockey Office within 90 days of the date of the game.
 Association Referee in Chiefs - requests for officials grade changes should be sent to ricrefupdates@pcaha.bc.ca
Please include the officials ref number and old and new grade levels.
 BC Hockey Officiating Leaders and their Associations
 2017-2018 PCAHA Referees Rulebook Edition
  Hockey Canada Rulebook - Casebook
  Hockey Canada minor rule changes


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