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Action Calendar Notes
PCAHA December 1st Deadlines:
"C" Team Balacing, Saftey Program (HCSP) and Coaching Levels for HC-Carded teams
BC Hockey December 1st Deadlines:
  Final date for Minor Hockey Tier 2, 3 and 4 to declare their intent to complete in a higher category
 in the BC Hockey Championships
  Final date for teams to register for BC Hockey Championships
 All teams intending to participate in BC Hockey Championships must include an
official accredited in the HCSP
PCAHA December 31st Deadlines:
- Final date for non-HC Carded team to correct a HCSP deficincy
- Deadlines for withdrawal of "A" teams from PCAHA championship playoffs
BC Hockey December 31st Deadlines

- Last date for HC-carded teams to declare their intention to withdraw from
BC Hockey Championships without penalty

PCAHA 2017-2018 Rulebook:

The 2017-2018 edition of the PCAHA Rulebook is now available,
including amended Rules and Regulations for 2017-2018 and current season’s information

PCAHA Coach/Manager Meetings – Initiation & Novice (Hockey 1-4 & Female Tyke & Novice)

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